Why is iMessage So Popular in the US

Since the survey in September 2019 WhatsApp is on the top, but it still unable to drag the attention of the U.S., why is iMessage so popular in the U.S.?

The popularity of iMessage in the U.S.

There can be many reasons for the popularity of iMessage, which are given below:

1. High salary: As the U.S. is known as the richest country, and to have an iPhone is not a big deal.

2. Less annoying: Since WhatsApp is at the top, but whenever you connect to the internet, you can get a number of messages, which can be annoying sometimes. In iMessage, you can disable the notification and can use it after finishing your work.

3. Default App: iMessage is a default messaging app provided by Apple, you need to install it on your iPhone.

4. Data saver:  iMessage works over data or even without an internet connection. With this feature of this messaging app, you won’t miss any important message.

5. Best for business dealings: In U.S. iMessage is mostly used in business dealings, as it is an instant messaging app, can make it easy to deal with investors or any company.

6. Teenagers love it: About 76% teenagers in the U.S. have an iPhone and most of the hours per day they spend on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and come back to iMessage to share with their friends whatever they see on other social media or about their new post, likes, etc. Which means the bounce rate of the other social site is more compared to iMessage.

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So, above all the points are about the iMessage, it can be the answer to why is iMessage so popular in the U.S., and day by day iMessage is adding new features to it, as the game zone to kill your boring time and jabber in iMessage is also helpful. 

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