Why is iMessage Not Working on MAC

A number of reasons behind the malfunction of iMessage. If you are facing the same problem such as you are unable to send a message to your contacts or your all contacts are shown red?  These are the kind of iMessage’s issues. Here, you will get tips to know the reasons and their solution.

The same issue that why is iMessage not working on Mac?

1. Reboot your device:

Although you have rebooted your devices many times. It may resolve your issues too, you need to turn off iMessage, reboot and turn on again.

If you are facing the problem of your iPhone or iPod then follow the steps:

  • Open settings.
  • Search messages, iMessage toggle is placed at the top of the screen.
  • Turn it off and reboot your iMessage and then turn it on back.

If you are facing the same issue on your Mac:

  • Open the messaging app and select preferences.
  • Here, on the iMessage tab, under Apple ID, uncheck enable this account box and turn it on back.
Apple ID

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2. Sign out and back into:

This is the easiest way, you can try it to resolve your issues.

  • On iPhone, Open settings app.
  • Find Messages. Here, tap “send & receive”.
  • A menu will appear, tap on your Apple ID. Then sign out from the dialog that will pop up.
  • After sign out, click on “Use your Apple ID for iMessage.
  • The dialog box that has popped up, show your Apple ID and ask whether you want to log in with it.
  • Tap “Sign in” to log in with that ID.

In the case of Mac:

  • Open the messages app, select the app menu.
  • Open preferences and choose the iMessage tab.
  • At the top right of this screen, click on “Sign out”.
  • You will immediately see a login screen, your Apple ID, email already entered,  enter your password and sign in again.

3.Reset Network settings:

If the above two methods didn’t work, check your network settings. It can be proven beneficial.

  • Open Settings, and select”General”. 
  • Scroll down and select  “Reset” at the bottom.
  • At last, tap on the”Reset Network Settings”. 

Note: Don’t think that the reset option will erase your data, it won’t happen, it only sort out the issue.

Even before starting the all above solutions, make sure that you are totally unable to use iMessage.


It is easy to resolve the trouble that why is iMessage not working on Mac. With the above steps, you can sort out your problem and enjoy the facilities of this messaging app with the same frequency as you used earlier.

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