iMessage is not working? Red contacts & error messages: Fix it.

Why are my contacts red in iMessage?

Why are my contacts red in iMessage? Are you searching for this? Then definitely you might have faced a problem which is related to this. you were unable to send messages to your red contacts and it shows an error message ” the phone number is not registered with iMessage“. Till yesterday your iMessage was working smoothly and suddenly your contacts turned red, was it so? Or some particular contacts are red in the iMessage? Maybe you have forgotten something about your account settings or there is another reason. The reasons behind the red contacts are listed below:

  • )The receiver is not using iMessage or don’t have an iPhone or iPad.
  • You have disabled your account.
  • Internet connection issues.
  • Other issues can simply be solved with techniques.

 Let’s start with the solution one by one:

(A) You are trying to send a message to one of your contacts and it shows an error message and the contact is red, then probably they are not using iMessage or they don’t have an iPhone or iPad. In this case, you need to change in your account (at least iOS 8.1 &  in case of Mac OSX Yosemite):

  • 1. Go to the setting on your iPhone or Mac, make sure iMessage is turned on.
  • 2. Click on Message and select ‘text message forwarding’.
  • 3. Here turn on the device(s) Which you would like to use either Mac or iPad.

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  • 4. If you are unable to see any device, then make sure you are logged into your iCloud account on your Mac or iPad (iCloud connects all Apple devices).
  • 5. You will get a message on your iPhone ” Enter the code” shown on your Mac or iPad which allows another device (s) Such as Mac or iPhone to access iPhone messages.
  • 6. On your Mac or iPad, open message & you will receive a 6-digit code.
  • 7. Enter the code on your iPhone and then allow it.
  • 8. After doing all the above steps, quit messages from another device (iPhone or Mac), start again.

You will see the red contacts turn into green. Now you can send messages to the non-user of the iPhone or iMessage.

(B) Last time you have deactivated your iMessage account and now you aren’t able to send messages. 

  • 1. Click on settings into your iPhone or Mac.
  • 2. You will find messages,  click on it.
  • 3. An iMessage slider will be there.
  • 4. Click it and you will see the gray slider will turn into green. You will be able to do messaging.

Images credit goes: Business Insider

(C) Sometimes you forget to connect your Mac with wifi or by mistake connect it with someone else wifi which can be another reason for your problem. Make sure that you have enough speed of internet connection and your Mac should connect with the same wifi as your all accounts are interconnected with each other in iCloud.

(D) Some other issues which can be solved easily.

  • 1. Sign out of your iMessage account and sign in again. Do this at least twice.
  • 2. If step 1 won’t work, then start a new chat page, delete all your old conservation, this time you may get success.
  • 3. And the last option is to make sure that you have the same number which you have used to make your account.


These are the following steps, which may be helpful to you. Somehow, if the all above steps won’t work, then visit your service center. iMessage is very effective and easy for online messaging. And its new features are also helpful in messaging.

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