What is jabber iMessage?

What is jabber iMessage? Many iOS users are finding the use of jabber account in the iMessage. Apple is updating its new features from time to time and makes it easy to user-friendly. It has already added many features to the iMessage and now the jabber account. You can text from Mac and get replies on your iPhone through iMessage. Now, it is also easy to configure other messaging apps such as yahoo,  Gmail, etc. To have conversations with the other messaging service apps, Apple has provided this facility through iMessage.

Jabber iMessage: Useful or not

Jabber account is an instant messaging protocol and it is used in supporting iChat on different messaging service apps. It is ads-free and instant, open-source. Let’s know that how to use it or if you wanna delete it, you can with a few simple steps.

How to add  jabber in the  iMessage:

You can use any other messaging app with making some changes in the iMessage.

  • Open the iMessage app, then click on the”message” menu, on the upper left corner.
  • A list will appear, click on “Add Account”, at third position.
  • Other messaging apps list will appear, select the option”Other Messages Account”.
  • After selection, click on “Continue”.
  • A blank form with some information will open. Click on the “Account Type”dropdown menu.
  • Here, after clicking all types list can be seen. Select “jabber”.
  • Enter jabber username and password into the given space.
  • Move to the server options and fill the server and port information. It is optional to access private servers.
  • Filled all the information, click on “Sign in”. Now you can use your account to chat with either jabber account holder or non-holder.

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How to remove a  jabber account:

You might have faced issues related to jabber and wants to remove it. Here, just with 2-3 simple steps, you will get rid of it.

  • Open iMessage app.
  • On the top left corner, a message menu is there. Click on it and then select”Preferences”. 
  • Click on “+/-” appears there, for the “add/delete” jabber account.


Hey guys, follow the steps and either add or delete your jabber account as you wish. I hope whatever you are searching about what is jabber iMessage, got here. With jabber account, you can access other services and enjoy this instant messaging protocol”Jabber”.

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