How to sign out of iMessage on mac-iMessage[2020]

If you are looking for how to sign out of iMessage on Mac. Then this article is definitely for you.
You can sign out of iMessage either temporarily or completely. Or you can have one more reason as issues in signing out from iMessage even you are following all the steps. I’ll tell you how to sign out of iMessage on Mac with three methods.

How to sign out of iMessage on Mac with easy steps:

1. Sign out temporarily:

If you are disturbing with unwanted messages during work, you can disable iMessage temporarily on your Mac. The following shows how to sign out iMessage on Mac.

  • Tap on launchpad and click on the iMessage app on your screen.
  • Here, you can see an option  “Messages”,  click it, a list will appear, select preferences.
  • Then click on Accounts to view your messages accounts. Select the account that you wanna disable the service  Here, untick the box ” enable this account”.
sign out of imessage

Now your account is disabled temporarily if you wanna enable it again, just tick the box ” enable this account”. 

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2. Sign out completely:

If you are finding no use of iMessage and wanna completely sign out. You can use a sign out option from your accounts. Here you will get the steps to how to sign out of iMessage on Mac completely.

  • Find the messaging app on your launchpad and click it.
  • When you open the messaging app, you will see an option “messages” on the top, select “Preferences” from the menu.
sign out of imessage
  • Select the Accounts icon, there you can see a tab “Sign out”, hit the button and signing out of your accounts completely.
sign out of imessage

Once you are done all steps, you won’t get any iMessage on Mac for that account.

3. Solve issues of signing out:

Sometimes it happens that you have followed all the steps to sign out either temporarily or completely. But you still can’t make it, you can solve your issues with the following steps.

  • You can reboot your iMessage in a safe mode. This could help you to sign out.
sign out of imessage
  • You can delete your number from the contacts that also disable the service of the iMessage.
  • This is the last option after trying all the above about how to sign out of iMessage on Mac. You need to update your Mac from the old version to the latest version.
sign out of imessage


I have given all the solutions with my knowledge about iMessage Mac that can help you out to ” How to sign out of iMessage on Mac”. To get more solutions regarding iMessage stay to follow us.

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