Why Is My iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation?

Are you unable to activate iMessage on your Apple iPhone and you really don’t know what are the reasons. You just installed and getting the message and your phone is stuck flashing this message “waiting for activation” then you don’t need to worry anymore. I will give you the full explanation why is my iMessage stuck on waiting for activation?

iMessage application is most widely used for communicating with each other. Not only a few countries but the whole world like to use this application as it has many wonderful features to make communication comfortable with each other.

But sometimes people are stuck to activate any app but everything has a solution and if you really e care when you go for the solution and on the internet, you will get everything you need including the message waiting for the activation issue. I am going to answer your query about why a message shows you waiting for activation and how to fix it properly.

Why Is My iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation?

That can be many reasons for that your iPhone can show you this message “waiting for activation” but it does not prove you have made a mistake. We have created a troubleshooting guide that we will try to diagnose and fix the issues which you are facing in your smartphone. But before going through the whole process we need to understand some important facts which we are mentioning below.

  1. This is an application that requires 24 hours for activation that is mentioned from Apple Inc. This is one of the most important points to be noted because most people don’t have an idea about this particular point and they keep suffering.
  2. Activation of iMessage application is only successful if it is connected with a network whether it can be cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  3. iMessage application requires to verify using their SMS services so your iPhone should be able to receive SMS during the application verification process.

It can really become a confusing factor if you don’t have an idea of how to verify these all points which have been mentioned above. So don’t worry about that because we are going to solve your issue in informative passages that will surely be going to help you in easier words.

Check are you really connected with cellular data or Wi-Fi?

Sometimes it may show you that it is connected with Wi-Fi network but the internet will not be transmitting the data, reason can be anything so you need to figure out first what you are really connected with a working internet connection.

If you are really stuck with the network connection then go to setting and open Wi-Fi. You need to check here whether your Wi-fi is turn on or off. If it is not on then you need to see checkmark is next to the Wi-Fi option.

If the Wi-Fi will be on and working you can see a checkmark in front of that option. Now you have to see below of this which network you have selected turn on the Wi-Fi. Is it showing you “no internet access”? Because just turning it on does not implies that your internet is working.

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation

You need to have full access to the internet from the network you are connected to. It happens if sometimes there is the offline mode on the internet service provider. So you have to figure out where I have to find out you have access to the Internet or not.

For verification with the Wi-Fi internet access, you can go to the Safari Browser and try to access any URL of the website. If it is opening then you can also get the access off internet service to your application.

If the website is opening then it confirms you have a working internet connection and if it does not then and you have to figure out internet service provider connectivity issues.

Now if you are not able to figure out your Wi-Fi then you can go for cellular data on your mobile. You can activate any internet plan from your cellular data provider and now you are ready to activate your eye message application.

Set Your Date & Time Zone Correctly

There may be one another common reason iMessage can display you “waiting for activation” message and that reason is your iPhone has been said to the wrong time zone.

For fixing this issue you have to go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and now make sure your time zone is set correctly. One thing I will like to mention that you should switch it to set automatically so that your iPhone will automatically adjust your x on according to your current location.

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation

Go and check whether this was the exact reason your phone displaying the “iMessage waiting for activation” problem. If this was the reason your problem is fixed and if not then you can go for further problem solution.

Turn Airplane Mode On & Back Off

Sometimes internet connection does not work and this causes deactivation of a message application. If you are enabled with data connection of your network connection not using Wi-Fi then the bad network may be the reason for data interruption.

For fixing it you can simply go to the setting and there we can find the airplane mode. Simply turn on the airplane mode and wait for 10 to 15 seconds. After this turn off the airplane mode. If this would be the reason then your network connection will be working now and iMessage activation will be successful.

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation

Fix it By Restarting Your iPhone

If you have just installed a message in your Apple iPhone and you are getting “waiting for activation” message even after you are connected to a working internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection then you can try to fix it by restarting your iPhone. Sometimes it may happen that your phone can get a crash due to the installation of a new application. This can be fixed by simply restarting it.

For restarting your iPhone you have to press and hold the power button and this button is on the right side of your phone until you get a splash of the slide to power off on the top part of the display of your phone.

If this process is not working for restarting your iPhone and your phone model is different than you can press and hold the side button either with plus or negative button of volume.

Now simply you have to swipe the power icon from left to right which has been indicated by your phone and it will simply turn off.

After a few seconds again you have to press and hold the power button you will get your phone fixed after restarting it.

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation

Turn iMessage Off And Back On

!That your message application has some Glitch experience when trying to activate. For solving this issue you can turn iMessage off and then revert back it to on.

Fixing this issue go to Settings-> iMessages now click the button next to Imessage at the above part of the screen.

If the switch is white then you can understand it is off. Now you have to wait for few seconds and again you can turn it on.

Check For An iOS Update

Every brand of the smartphone has some regular updates. Ignoring it can lead to bugs on applications. So I can show you “waiting for activation”, by the message application to solving is really very easy by updating the iOS.

For updating your iOS you have to go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. All new updates have the ability to support any kind of application which also updates their apps simultaneously.

For Downloading iMessage for PC you can go to another page where we have discussed how can we use a message on our PC. But if you wish to use iMessage application on your Android smartphone then you can access this page and easily understand how can you use iMessage application in your Android mobile phone.

iMessage Stuck on Waiting For Activation (3)

Log Out & Log in of  Your Apple ID

Even after restarting and updating your software have not solved the issue of iMessage activation then you should try log out and again you have to do re-login on your Apple ID. As we have already done before this you have to do the same thing here also.

You have already tried enabling the airplane mode and then reverted to normal, finally you have to logout of your Apple ID and you need to res login to your Apple account by using your ID. It can rectify your issue.

For completing this procedure you need to go to Settings -> iMessages -> Send & Receive you and then click on the Apple id at the above part of the screen and now click sign out.

Once you have signed out of your Apple ID and account you need to click on onUse Your Apple ID for iMessage. Have to lock in again using Apple ID and password.

Reset Network Settings

If you feel that you have tried everything and still you are not up to the mark and the result is the same then one thing you can do it here resetting the network setting.

This is a simple yet powerful method for reverting back to the default setting which confirms that everything will be the same as setting initially. But here we are not going to reset the whole device just going for network reset.

For fixing the issue what you need to do is just go to Settings -> General -> Reset you know I have click on the reset network setting. You get the confirmation alert then just click on Reset Network Settings. On the sea have done your phone will now turn off it will restart the whole setting and again it will turn on. Now, again you can try to connect your message with the network and activated.

Contact Apple Support

If you are tired of trying everything and still the result is negative for you then finally you can go to seek the support from the customer care of Apple Inc.

They will help and assist you to fix this issue. Their engineer will assist you until your problem is solved.

Activated Successfully iMessage on iOS

If you have tried any one of power processes you have already activated iMessage on your iOS hope you like this post and appreciate our work if you really like it then please follow us and help us by sharing this post.

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