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iMessage Online: iMessage is an excellent messaging application for chat lovers. Nowadays, chatting is a good way to communicate with others. Users can now talk and discuss everything that they want to consider the application.

iMessage for PC will be best for users to communicate with others on a large screen. It is available on different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iMac.

You can use this application on Android and PC too. The apple company brings new features and updates for this kind of applications. iMessage Online is accessible through different methods.

So, you must read this article thoroughly and follow the guidelines to use iMessage on Android on your mobile phones. However, to use this application on Windows and PC, you need to download iMessage for PC.

Why There is Fuss Of iMessage?

iMessage lets you send SMS across iDevices without any charges. iMessage uses your cellular/WiFi data to send/receive messages across iDevices.

Now you think that why to use iMessage while still there are plenty of apps like WhatsApp, line which does the same thing. Well, the simple answer is iMessage comes preinstalled on all devices. That means you can save your limited space in iPhones by not installing any third party apps.

Additionally, iMessage comes with features like digital touch, stickers, writing directly in iMessage online app, playing games, screen animations, etc. These features with no extra cost and space make iMessage so lovable by iUsers.

How to use iMessage Online on Mac?

To get or use iMessage online on a mac is a straightforward task. Many users of Mac OS are facing problems while using imessage. So, people who want to use imessage has to go through these guidelines which I will share today with you all. Once you have followed these steps you can easily use imessage online.

  1. The very first thing all you need to do that make sure you are connected with a Wi-Fi or a good internet connection.
  2. Now, open the web browser that you have installed on your Mac OS device or rather I say you use Safari.
  3. The next thing you need to do is that go to the iTunes website.
  4. Search for the iMessage in the search bar.
  5. After that install the iMessage app on your device.
  6. Log in with your Apple account in order to use the application.

Finally, you are done with your job, now, you can use iMessage online for free.

Important Note:  Please keep in mind that if you are already a user of iMessage and you are using it on your Mac device then you don’t need to log in with your iD again and again.

How to access iMessage Online on PC?

iMessage on PC is not officially launched by the Apple for windows right now. But you don’t need to wait anymore to be formally launched. So, for the PC and Windows users, I have some methods through which you can also use iMessage online and enjoy your chatting with others. Here, you will get the best two ways for working free of cost. The very first method we will be using an emulator called iPadian and second one is Chrome Remote Desktop. Using these two methods, you will be able to use iMessage on Windows.

There are several unofficial methods which are currently available to use iMessage on PC. You can use iMessage online workaround on PC which works perfectly. Each technique is explained below in details with step by step and images.

Method 1. Get iMessage Online Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop feature lets you control another device through the chrome browser.

Remember that, to use iMessage on Windows PC with this method you need both Mac and Windows laptops/desktops with an active internet connection. Also, iMessage app should be installed and logged-in on your Mac PC.

Follow these steps to get iMessage for windows:-

  • First of all, you have to download google chrome browser on both Windows and Mac PC. You can download Chrome from here.
  • Now download ‘chrome remote desktop’ extension from the chrome web store. You will have to install this extension on both PC
  • After installation completed, click on the launch app tab. Again do this on both Mac and Windows
  • First, run of this extension, you will be asked to authorize the app by signing in to your Gmail account. Authorize chrome extension on both PCs.
  • The main screen now opens with two options – share and access. On Mac PC click on the share button. You will be prompted to install the chrome remote desktop Host. Download it and install.
  • Once remote desktop Host installed, run it. Now the screen will display 12 digit access code. Note down the code shown on the screen.
  • On Windows PC click on the access button and enter the Access code which you noted from Mac PC. After entering click connect.

You are now be connected to your Mac PC. You can access all your Mac data from your Windows PC.

Here just click on the apps tab and launch iMessage. That’s it; you can now able to use iMessage on windows PC. Provided that, your Mac should be On and connected to the internet.

This is how you can use iMessage on PC. But this method will work only if your Mac is connected to the internet and turned ON. This scenario cannot be the same every time; you will then think of a different option to use iMessage standalone in windows pc, without depending on any of the Apple devices. Well, this is also possible. Continue reading below.

The second method below will explain how to use standalone iMessage online in Windows PC using the iPadian software.

Method 2 – Using iPadian Emulator

iPadian is a great emulator and highly recommended program to run iOS applications for free on PC and Windows. You need to worry about this software program; this is a certified program made by developers. It will not create any problems while using an iPadian emulator. The most important thing about this emulator is that it is free of cost. So, you need to invest a single penny from your pocket to use this software

iPadian is also an emulator which lets you run iOS apps on Windows computer. Using iMessage on PC using IPADIAN is most stable and convenient way present till date.

Follow these steps to download use iMessage for windows with simple steps.

  •  At first, you have to download IPADIAN application from this link.
  •  After the download is completed install app and opens it.
  •  You can see the iOS environment on the main screen. From here download iMessage online from the apple app store.
  •  Downloading the app from the app store requires a login. Here, Enter Apple ID and password details and login. But if you don’t have Apple ID then register and create one.

From 4 simple steps, this method is proved to be the best method for iMessage on PC.

There is another alternative also which lets you run Apple iMessage for PC. Let’s hold for some more moments; I assure that it will not bore you.

Method 3 – Using Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestack is also an emulator. Interestingly Bluestack is well-known Simulator to run android apps on Windows PC.

Bluestack lets you run iMessage app on Windows without a need to any iDevice dependency.

Follow below steps to simply run iMessage for Windows PC.

1: First of all download Bluestacks software for Windows from this link.

2: Now locate downloaded EXE file and install Bluestacks.

3: Once installed, in a search bar enter iMessage and download iMessage from search results.

4: Now login with Apple ID and password. If you don’t have Apple ID, create one.

5: After successful installation, you can launch the iMessage app and use on your own windows pc.

There it is, You are ready to use iMessage on Windows PC.

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