iMessage on iPhone: How To Set Up iMessage Best Method

iMessage is an excellent and one of the best world leading applications in today’s context. Basically, it is a chat application through which you can do chatting with anyone. Now, using this application you can send instant messages to your friends, colleagues, family members and lot more.

You can use it for the day to day activities like sending important messages, images, photos, videos, songs, and all sort of multimedia files. iMessage is able on iOS devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad touch. But imessage is available for the users who is having iOS 5 or more. But Now you can also use it on your PC too.

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The basic service by Apple company for their users is to use iMessage on all the devices. Moreover, users holding iOS devices need to be careful while using any sort of applications by Apple. So, to use it properly just make sure that you keep your settings update.

If you have not set up your iMessage application on your iOS devices then go through each and every word of this post. You will learn everything in very less time.

How To Set Up iMessage on iPhone?

Are you ready with your iPhone? Let’s begin the tutorial.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Scroll it down and click on “Messages”.

Step 3. Turn on the imessage and select the Apple ID to use imessage.

Step 4. Sign in with your apple login details to access it successfully.

Step 5. A screen will be showing your Phone number and Email linked with apple.

Point To Remember:  iMessage will automatically select the phone number associated with your Apple ID. So if you want to edit those details like Phone number and Email you can do it. Or if you are using an iPad/iPod then you have to put details manually. Here you also get to add another email address for transferring messages via iMessage. Or, if you don’t have any login details then make sure you make a fresh account with appropriate details to access app store then our steps to use iMessage.

Step 6. Click on Next button to proceed further.

Step 7. Now, you can choose various phone numbers and email addresses that you want people to send messages. And under the “Start New Conversions Form,” you have to choose to whom you would like to send messages.

Step 8. That’s it. Enjoy the app.


You are now all set to use imessage on iphone. If you have any query related to this application then you comment below with your query so that we can solve it together. 

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