iMessage Not Working? – How to Activate iMessage on iPhone or iOS 10.2?

iMessage Not Working: It is noticed that some of the iOS device users faced a problem on the system of iMessage, where the iMessage miss off to work for them. They are not able to send messages and receive other text messages through their ios devices.

Dear readers if you are among them facing the problems on using iMessage within your ios then you must go through this article. I would help you out of this trouble. Or the problem faced by you by letting you know how to fix it to bring the ios messaging app in action. So let me explain to you how to fix it when iMessage is not working for your ios devices.

Also, you love to use imessage on pc.

iMessage Not Working?

Here are the steps which you can follow if you cannot send messages and receive on your ios device. Go for these steps at the first point of time.

  • Remember to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest version of iOS.
  • Also, do check for the carrier setting if you are using an iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi cellular).
  • It much requires checking the network connection of your iOS devices since to send a message or MMS you require a cellular data or else Wi-Fi connection.
  • Do check with your career the kind of messages is supported or not which you are trying to send.
  • If you are about to send grouping MMS  messages using your iPhone then on the MMS messaging. If you are unable to observe the option for turning it on then just for consulting your carrier.
  • The main thing you should remember before sending iMessage is you should enter the accurate cell number or an accurate email address for the person whom you are sending too.

If you are not done by these steps and still stuck on the same problem. Then you must go through the below-written steps, as the below written can help you to get out of your problem.

Activation For iMessage

AS you observe such kind of alert on your iOS device firstly be clear that the time and date set on your device are right. Now if the time and date are incorrect then set it in the correct manner then start following the below steps.

  1. Set off to the setting > Messages
  2. Now turn off the iMessage.
  3. At this point, it will not be hard for you to on iMessage aging on your iOS device, so on it.

Therefore if iMessage is still showing the same alert, then I would better suggest you contact the Apple developers for better information. What can you do to get the solution to the problem, when you observe a red exclamation point?

If your iMessage is not sent instead it shows you an alert of not delivered then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. For this problem firstly tap on the shown red exclamation point and just tap on the option given try again.
  2. If the messages of your still not sent then tap on the option, send a text message.
  3. These steps may work but if still not then I will request you contact your carrier as they can give you better suggestions.

These are some of the steps which you can try to fix iMessage when it is not working. These steps are written within the article to help out to get out of this messaging problem of iOS devices.

So if you are among the iOS device users facing a problem on sending and receiving the iMessage on your device. Then you should obtusely try the written method and steps within these articles. They might help you get out of your unwanted problem.

If the steps and method to fix the iMessage are not enough for you to get out of the problem. Then you should contact the apple developer, they will help you.


I hope you have got the solution to your problem after reading the article about iMessage not working. Now, you can once again start using the application and message, anyone you want. In case you have got any problem then feel free to comment. I will try to solve your problem.

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