iMessage For Android – Best Free Methods Working 2019

iMessage for Android: In today’s world, everyone is having android phones with them. As you know, it is impossible to live a life without android phones. There are so many things you can do with the phones in day-to-day life.

So, today we will discuss one application for Android users named, imessage for android. It is a messaging app made by Apple company for chat lovers. You can download it officially from the Apple store and enjoy this app those who are having iOS devices.

Moreover, it is also available on iMessage for PC, through which you can enjoy this on PC too. People who love chatting should definitely go for imessage for android and start sharing your messages with your friends and family. You can also send any multimedia files among the groups or share with your friends.

Here we will discuss methods to get imessage for Android. So, read this post till the end to understand the concept of imessage on android.

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iMessage for Android- Features

iMessage application is having a lot of features. Here is the list of best features of this application:-

1. Awesome App

It is an awesome application for chatting with friends in groups. It has is available on several devices like Mac, iOS, Android and PC. Apple has designed this app so well that everyone has fallen in love with this application.

2. Group message

You can form a large group of your friends and message them in bulk. Forming a group is very easy just you have to add all members that you want to add in an option called “New Group”. You can also remove the individual from the group.

3. Effects

There are so many effects that you add while chatting with someone. Like for example messages with bubble, fullscreen feature, various expressions, personalizes the handwritten notes and you can discover more effects with imessage for Android.

4. Multimedia

You can also share multimedia files within your groups, individuals members or even on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc. Files like audio, video, documents, zip files, images, pictures and a lot more.

5. Emojis 

Emojis are there that you can use while chatting. It helps a lot to express your feelings and emotions while chatting. There are lots of emojis of different types like sad, happiness, love, crying, birthday celebrations etc.

6. Send a Sketch

By using the digital touch feature you can use and send heartbeats, sketches, taps for the cool effect. All this comes in imessage for the android inbuilt feature. You don’t need to download or install any extra plugin to add this type of effects.

How To Get iMessage For Android? (Easy Method)

We all know that Apple and Android are two different operating systems. So, because of that, you can’t use Apple applications on the android phone. It is strictly prohibited to use such applications on your android smartphone. We are also unaware of the fact that whether imessage for Android will be there in future or not. If you want to use such apple applications then you need to buy an iOS device and happily, you can use imessage for free.

Apple also follows his own protocols and has defined various features and fats of his own applications. So, you can’t break such rules.

But I won’t let you down, after doing deep research on imessage app I have a solution to get iMessage for Android by using one program called weMessage. weMessage is a program which is specially designed to run imessage on android.

Requirements for weMessage

iMessage for android requires weMessage installed on your android devices and it also has some needs-

  • It requires an iMessage account, which is your existing AppleID.
  • It requires java7 or higher on your mac
  • Also an android phone version 5.0 or higher

How weMessage actually works for iMessage?

weMessage doesn’t exploit any of Apple’s code of conduct for the user to use iMessage for Android. Rather it sets up a server on your mac for the purpose of receiving and sending messages and then immediately forward it to your phone.

This app might lack some of the latest features that are available in Apple but it covers all the important features and stuff. Like that of iMessage, it also handles one-to-one conversations and group chats, can send attachments and some special iMessage effects.

weMessage works by utilizing Apple’s engineer instruments that guide into the Messages application, and in addition by turning on Openness includes that will play out the message sending. There was zero figuring out engaged with the formation of this application, so all messages being sent are genuine. Furthermore, I trust this usage is reasonable, as despite everything you need an Apple gadget to utilize iMessage, yet it is simply being stretched out to all gadgets.

Important note: weMessage will not show your conversations but moving forward all your new conversations will be secured.

How To install weMessage?

After you met all the requirements you can proceed further to install wemessage. I know you might be thinking of this long method to get imessage on your android. But believe me this is the only way to get imessage for android. Here are some points through which you can install wemessage on your system.

So, let’s begin…

Final Words

Finally, we are here at the end of this post regarding iMessage for Android. And I hope you have learned and got enough information. This app is having tremendous features which makes it different from other messaging apps. If you have any question in your mind regarding this you can raise your questions in the comment box. I will solve everyone’s questions.

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