How to turn off iMessage on Mac with easy steps-iMessage for PC [2020]

 iMessage is a free messaging service from Apple, launched in 2011. It enables you to send text messages over WIFI or internet data either from an iPhone or iPod. This app allows you to send both iMessages or text messages. Suppose you are an iPhone user & want to send messages to an Android user, then your message will be green (means a text message) Or if the receiver is an iPhone user, then it will be blue. Here you will get the answer of How to turn off iMessage on Mac

How to turn off iMessage

You can use the services of this app from anywhere unless you are logged in. If you are using your computer, you just need an internet connection to receive & send messages through iCloud service which makes it easier to connect to the world.

How to turn off iMessage on Mac?

Here, many users are facing problems during their work. When you are working on your project by using your internet connection, obviously you will get messages on your app, the messages ping is distracting you and sometimes it happens that you leave your work to attain messages. Don’t worry, you can turn off or deactivate messages on Mac with some simple steps:

 Turn off iMessage on Mac with the following steps:

1. Open the ‘Messages’ app on your Mac, as it is a default app & can occupy any of space in your iPhone, either in the top, middle or at the end. If you are unable to find the app, then check it in the ‘Applications’ folder in the Finder.

 iMessage logo

2. You will find a menu, on the upper menu bar, you will see ‘Messages’, click on it and select ‘Preferences’.


3. Now open the account tab, and you will get a list of your enabled accounts on the left side of your window.

4. Select an account which you wanna disabled, you will see a box with a  tick mark, click on it.


5. Click on ‘sign out’ and select your account to sign out. It will completely disable your account.

Above all images, credit goes to iPhone Life

So you get the idea, then use the above steps to turn off messages on Mac

There is another way too if you are using the app and wanna avoid its notification, here are the following steps:-

1. Click on the Apple logo to open your Apple menu in the top left corner.

2. You will see many options, select ‘System preferences’ from the menu.

System Preferences

3. Then click on ‘notification’.


4. You will find a new menu, on the left side, a list of apps will appear.

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5. Select the ‘Messages’ app, under the ‘message alert style’, click on ‘ None’.  The option ‘None’ will turn off your notification.

 iMessage Notification setting

Here Images credit goes to Business Insider
Now you can send or receive messages without getting disturbed during your work.

Although iMessage provides instant message facilities at no cost, sometimes it could be annoying, you just need to make changes in your app and feel free with this free service from Apple. I hope the above steps are helpful to you.

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