How to play battleship on imessage

Do you wanna know that “How to play battleship on iMessage?” I know this game was played with pen & paper and now board & ships take its place. Apple added a new feature to the iMessage by introducing games on it. Here I will tell you where you can get it & how to play battleship on iMessage. Battleship not only reminds you of your old time, but it also gives a warm experience to the freshers.

How to get the battleship on iMessage:

To get this game on your Apple device you must have iOS 10 as an older version cannot support the iMessage game. You need to open the App store within the iMessage.

  • Open the iMessage and create a new chat room.
  • Touch the ‘App icon’ next to the iMessage text box.
  • From the menu, touch the ‘ Grid ‘ icon.
  • Now, touch the ‘store’ icon, the first option in the menu.
  • You will see a list that includes apps, games, and stickers. You can use the search feature to find battleship, find it and touch ‘Get’ to install it.

Now come to the answer to ‘How to play battleship on iMessage’:

  • Open iMessage & choose the iMessage contact with whom you would like to play.
  • Tap ‘A’, the App Store button.
  • You will find the play button, on the bottom of iMessage, press it.
  • Select the game type and grid size, arrange your ships on the grid and tap ‘Play’.
  • Send your message to your friend & once he/she gets your message & sets up their ships and grid,  you will get a reply and from here rounds start.

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You can play this game either as a trainee or as a champion, there are two types ” Training” & “Championship”, both have their own leaderboard. You can train yourself until you’re ready to play in the Championships. Also can see your place on the leader board at the top 25 and if you are not among them, then it will show your rank in the below ranking.


You can see the board and every move on iMessage through your screen. It is the easiest way to learn the battleship, and you will love it more if you have played this with pen & paper. So install the battleship and get the experience of playing a new game or enjoy your old favorite game from pen & paper to on a new platform.

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