How to get 8 ball pool on iMessage-[2020]

Every time this is asked by the users of the iPhone or Mac that “ How to get 8 ball pool on iMessage”. I know you don’t have that much time to select a particular place to play 8 ball pool, but it can be made easy by installing it on your iPhone or Mac.

Apple has already given a gift to its users by the app iMessage and now it adds the game feature to it that attracts many iPhone users. Play this game with your friends to kill your free time. 8 ball pool is so interesting, you might have played this during your school or college time and now all your friends are apart from each other. Here know the idea that how to get an 8 ball pool on iMessage.

How to get 8 ball pool on iMessage-[2020]

To get an 8 ball pool, you must have iOS 10. With the help of Game pigeon, you can install it on your iPhone or Mac. 8 ball pool is a game, to play this, you need one partner. It is played with 15  “object balls”  divided into two groups: group 1 and group 2, group 1 contains the ball numbered from 1 to 7, whereas group 2 contains the ball from 8 to 15. If you will choose group 1, you can legally pocket balls of the same group, So you must pocket the ball of another group, as much as you will pocket, you will be the winner of the game.

How to get 8 ball pool on iMessage

Now with the following steps, you can answer your question, ” How to get 8 ball pool on iMessage.”

To install an 8 ball pool game, first, you need to install Game pigeon on your iMessage that includes all the games.

  • Open the conversation with whom you wanna play, tap “>” and then click on “A” for the app store.
  • You will get a list of apps, touch on the “+” app that means tapping on the store.
  • From here, install Game pigeon on your iMessage.
  • Again open your iMessage, you will have a list of games that includes 8 ball pool too.
  • Select it and play with your friends.
Select it -iMessage

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With the simple and easy steps, you can get your favorite game the 8 ball pool. If you have already played it during your college time, with your friends or family, definitely nobody can beat you. As an iPhone user, you can again enjoy the same game with the iMessage app that provides interesting games too.

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