How to block someone on iMessage mac

It is easy to stay in contact with your loved ones or with your work partners through iMessage on Mac. But, you may also don’t like spam messages or calls. Or you want to block your close ones due to their mischievous activities.  Let’s know the steps that how to block someone on iMessage Mac.

Try the instructions “How to block someone on iMessage Mac”:

As you want to block someone on iMessage Mac. You should connect your account through iCloud.

1. Find  “Messages” on your Mac and Open it.

2. Click on “Messages” in the menu, then select  “preferences”.

3. Here,  tap on the  “Accounts” tab (a “@” symbol).

How to block someone on iMessage Mac

4. You will many options and keys, tap on the  “Blocked” tab.

Blocked tab

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Add button

6. Select the contact which you would like to block. You will see their name, number and email address in your block list.

 your block list.

If the person doesn’t exist in your contact, then add their phone number or email address in your contacts manually to the list. And then follow the same steps.


You can simply block anyone with whom you are uncomfortable or the good news is that the person won’t get any kind of notification that you have blocked them. So, follow the above-mentioned steps of “How to block someone on iMessage Mac” and feel free from unwanted messages. All the mentioned steps will really work to get you out of spammers.

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