iMessage Activation – How To Activate iMessage?

How To Activate iMessage: People who use Apple devices must be using the application iMessage. It is basically for doing conversation and sending multimedia files to your beloved ones. It is one of the finest applications for iPhone users.

There are lot many users who are facing a serious issue that is iMessage is not activating. This error is very much common among iPhone users. There are so many reasons for that like changing carriers and due to an update of iOS.

So, here will be talking about how you can get rid of activation error and activate your imessage for free. Go to through each and every point I will share with you.

Things Which Needs To Be Checked Or Fixed

There are so many things which need to be fixed or checked so that you don’t get any more error while activating imessage on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Check that numbers are listed in your Phone and if not you can go to settings and fixed it from there.
  • Keep in mind that your iPhone is updated with the latest one.
  • Do check your settings of internet connections whether it is wi-fi or cellular. If not connected fix it in settings.
  • Also, check that your timezone is selected as per your country. If not selected correctly you can check here
    Settings → General → Date & Time → Click on set automatically.
  • I have seen that iMessage Activation process takes some time (24 hours). So, have patience and wait for it. If it is not activated then you should contact your carriers. Some major carriers are Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.
  • Also, check once that you have enough amount of credit on your SIM card. If there is not enough amount then you can face various issues and you won’t able to activate it.
  • One reason can be also that the imessage application is marked by Apple system and it’s not working. So you must check it.

These were some reasons so you must check it beforehand and then try again.

How To Fix “iMessage Activation Error”?

Method 1:- Airplane Mode

  • Open your Settings and Go to Messages and turn off imessage.
  • Back again to settings and turn on your Airplane Mode. After doing this you will notice that your wifi is turned off. So, make sure that you turn on your wifi.
  • Then go to messages and turn on imessage from there.
  • Then again back to settings and turned off airplane mode.
  • A message will be shown,” Your carrier may charge for SMS “, simply accept it.
  • Wait for sometime and your imessage will get updated.

This method was taken from the Apple forum. And yes, it is a very unique method to keep in mind that it is one of a successful method.

Method2:- iMessage Reset

  • Go to settings and tap on messages and turn off imessage.
  • Then restart your phone with wake or sleep button and then swipe right when it will show “Slide to Power Off”.
  • Now, turn on your phone again and Go to settings and once again turn on imessage.

This was a short method to get imessage activated. So, you can also try this.

What If these Methods Don’t Work?

If by chance these methods don’t work then you should wait for one or two days. After waiting for 48 hours you will get your imessage activated. It will troubleshoot all the necessary settings and then you can try for one more time. If your problem yet not solved then contact your cellular carrier and they will help to get rid out of this problem. You should also try imessage on pc to experience imessage on windows.

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