GB Whatsapp apk download latest version 2020 (update)

Are you in search of gb whatsapp apk download latest version 2020 (update) then your choice is right because here we are providing you what you are looking for.

I will be sharing here the latest update of GB Whatsapp apk that has been named as GBWA, It has more features than ever. You will also get the process of installation and information of GB Whatsapp latest and new features.

But first of all lets talk about GB Whatsapp and understand what is GB whatsapp if you are new to this one.

What is GB Whatsapp Apk?

GB Whatsapp apk download latest version 2020 (update)

As we all know about whatsapp and its great services but there many restriction in that so GB Whatsapp has been developed and it has been a modified and loaded with amazing fatures that we you can never get with other.

It is the best and trending Mod APK in the every corner of the world. This is contained with some unique and extra features and people are fond of those.

This APK has been named as GBW Apk. You can say it as the best alternative of official whatsapp apk.

GBWhatsapp is basically based on working as a messenger app that runs of android. It has great features of chatting, voice calling and video calling. The amazing thing is that you can use these features at zero cost.

It is an easy to use app. It has lots of amazing features that wins people’s heart.

In 2020 GB Whatsapp has been modified with some extra ordinary features that has never been before. People love those things which provide anything new with the time. This app is suitable for everyone so that every user in this world can use this.

Let me introduce you the GB GBWhatsapp latest and updated features.

  • It allows you to schedule the message. Basically it is helpful to publish message when you can not be able to be online.
  • This modified version allows you to auto reply any message sent to you and you are not able to receive by its Auto reply mod.
  • It gives you permission to broadcast a message to any group or send message to any group.
  • In this version you can create multiple accounts to use it for chatting with family or friends.
  • With this version of GbWhatsapp you are able to make a mark as reading you have read the text by reading text option notification.
  • Here you can chat with your friends by creating a group.
  • With this apk you can amazing and beautiful stickers to your friends and family members.
  • This app comes with the feature of emojis that means with the help of this apk you have been provided emojis to send to your friends and group members.
  • Now a days stickers are very popular and with this latest update you are able to send stickers that will be different types and designs.
  • The basic features like making voice and video calls are very easy for each and every user who has installed this app in his phone.
  • It gives you permission to share text, photos, audio, video and all different types of files.
  • You will love this feature because now you can transfer your money with the help of this app in an easier way by UPI and all different payment methods.
  • This version allows you create new stickers too.
  • Here you will be able to change the language, font design and size and you can also change the icon very easily.
  • You can filter the messages while chatting with friends.
  • If you sometimes to hide the last seen then this will help you to do it and you can hide the last seen, blue ticks etc.
  • You are allowed to create many different contact list with your friends contact number.
  • It gives you the feature to forward a message to your friend without forwarding tag.
  • This version is anti ban.

Now you are very well familiar with this app and understand what you can do now with this mod. It is the most popular app around the word because of its features.

You can use these features if you install this.

Lets have a look at this version of apk and if you are new to this then you must understand the key points of this application. Because with this information you can understand this app closely.

Name of the ApkGBWhatsapp Apk
Requirement of Android4.0 and above
Size of Apk54MB
Lat updateFew days ago 2020

There are different features those are not available with free version of GBWhatsapp. This is the pro version of GBWhatsapp and all the features has been unblocked here and you are eligible to use these all.

Some of the features that has been included in this are following:

  • DND means Do Not Disturb Mode is present in this.
  • You will be able to broadcast your message with 600 people in a single event.
  • If you are fond of changing theme and colors then you edit the themes with this version.
  • It allow gives you permission of hiding status property.
  • Maximum size of 50 MB of a video can be sent with this.
  • You can send 100 photos together at a time with this app.
  • Can make a call with even unsaved numbers.

Amazing right! These features are only available in GBWhatsapp pro version. By installing this version you can get all the benefits together.

Fixed made with this version

Every version is improved and made to be user friendly but few days of launch after using it bugs come out. And these bugs are solved in the next version. So here I am going to tell you what are the bugs has been fixed with modified version of apk.

  • When you search for theme it shows error so it has been fixed.
  • Many new themes has been added.
  • old version has many bugs that has been fixed here,
  • You can make a call to a person in a group.
  • New emojis has been added.
  • While adding stickers from google play store it was encountering an error that has also been fixed.

Process of Installing GBWhatsapp

If you have already downloaded this version of the app then now you can process to install this. Don’t worry this is an easy step and this app will be in your phone ready to use.

Here I have explained an easy method of installing this app. So now lets begin installing this application step by step.

  • First of download the latest version of GBWhatsapp apk v8.25 from here.
  • Now you have to turn on the Android unknown sources to install apk from unknown sources.
  • For turning on this on
  • Go to Settings —- Security & Fingertips —- Unknown Sources. Now click on it and turn it on. Here now you are ready to proceed to the next step.
  • Reach to file manager and find the location where you have downloaded the app.
  • Find the file and click on it and start the installation process by clicking on Install button.
  • You just have to follow the instruction given by the phone and your GBWhatsapp will be installed successfully.

Now you finished the installation GB Whatsapp apk download latest version 2020 (update).


I am always a fond of using whatsapp with its amazing features but when it comes to extra features the GBWhatsapp can only provide you these.

So in this article I have discussed about the amazing features added in the latest version and by installing GB Whatsapp apk download latest version 2020 (update) in your phone gives you permission to use this with full flow.

I hope you have done it in correct way so what are you waiting for enjoy the app.

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